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Bangor dental Is an established dental practice committed to providing valuable advice and solutions for all you dental needs. Our main focus is our patients. We look after all members of the family. Conveniently located in Bangor. We aim to make your dental visit pleasant and comfortable and on time at every appointment.


Our Services


Check Up And Cleans

At Bangor dental we advise our patients to visit every 6 months for a checkup and clean. This maintains the health of the gums and prevents the effects of the hardened plaque.


Children’s Services

We understand how important it is to make a child feel comfortable in the dentist’s office. Besides maintaining a friendly atmosphere, we make the extra effort to create a safe and pleasant environment to put your child at ease – especially important for young patients who may be anxious or visiting for the first time.

teeth with whitening tray


We can help create a whiter and brighter smile for you! Our dentists use new whitening technology produced by Pola white. This reduces the discolouration of teeth and enhances the brightness of your smile.


White Fillings

New dental filling materials have the ability to bond directly with the tooth allowing for increased success and greater harmony with the oral environment. They are able to provide a natural looking, stronger and more durable filling than in the past. they also bond to the enamel. This means that not as much of the tooth has to be drilled away to hold in the newer composite fillings. This is especially when compared to amalgam restorations, which contain mercury.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is common for wisdom teeth to cause issues as they are often unable to fit into your mouth due to the lack of space available, this can lead to impaction of the tooth.

Early detection and examination can ensure that, if required, wisdom teeth should be removed before causing pain and discomfort

If your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort contact our surgery to discuss the best option for removal.


Denture Repair

Replacement of missing teeth will not only improve your overall aesthetics but will assist in improving your dental health and way of life. There are two types of dentures, a full denture for those that have lost all their natural teeth, or a partial denture for those missing some teeth.



Hardened plaque is called Calculus or ‘Scale build up’. If this is left over time it builds up around the gums and between the teeth, and harbours harmful bacteria. The bacteria fill the area stuck to the teeth with acid products which cause tooth decay. The tooth decay starts as pitting- which can be caught early and reversed with fluoride treatment. Have this done yearly to prevent a filling being required later.


The Plaque and scale build up also has a harmful effect on the gums. The gums react in an ‘allergic’ reaction to the bacterial products around the gum line. You will notice this as bleeding gums in certain areas occasionally. Prevention is best but If this is an issue it is a clear sign to come in and have your teeth fully cleaned and polished. If left untreated this gum disease causes gum shrinkage and eventually loose  teeth.


After a checkup and clean, it is usually advisable to have fluoride treatment. This is where re-mineralising fluoride is placed around the teeth and gums to harden the surface and desensitise any areas which may feel exposed since having scale build up removed.


Same Day Emergency

We are now available for Dental Emergencies
Call us on our After Hours Emergency number: 0403301872